Monday, April 4, 2011

The Urgency of JOY

I am careful not to overload my facebook wall with "too much". I don't bear that concern here. This is my blog. If it is wearisome to you, don't read it. :) What comes to mind to share, I will share ...

This blog by Richard Beck is a must read, in my opinion, for anyone wondering about universalism or all the current talk about heaven and hell. To most every word of it I'd have to just say, ditto. I will say, though, at the end of it he is a bit hard on people - that is not my shtick. I have been snarked at lately, but I will not snark back. I just wish everyone knew ... I want all the prodigals AND all the older brothers to come to the party the Father is throwing.

As long as I'm posting here let me add that I'm a few chapters into Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning, I'd never read it. If you haven't either - do. You'll fall so in love with the Good News you won't hardly know what to do with yourself.

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