Thursday, April 14, 2011

christ centered and an inquisition of love

I woke today with this song in my head. Which is interesting because I haven't heard it recently. But I love it. I affirm what it says. Which gets me to my point.

People seem to need to hear me say certain words. Like "Christ centered". Interesting.

How can He be anything BUT the center? He is the Really Real. He is All in All. Everything is held together by Him. He is the beginning and the end. If I go to heaven, He is there - if I go to hell, He is there. The earth is His and everything in it. Everything. Everyone. Alpha. Omega. Beginning. End. The King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He is with the poor and the brokenhearted and the contrite. The Great I AM. THE way. THE truth. THE life. Not one of or the best of many or the right one, THE.


So, for those who need to hear it, I affirm a completely Christ centered theology. Absolutely. The cross and resurrection are not only central, they are EVERYTHING.

But guess what me saying that amounts to?

Pretty much... diddly.

Know why? Cause I can say words all day long. I can affirm creeds all day long. I can sit here and type a frickin diatribe about what I say I believe about Jesus. But here's the deal... that Christ who IS the center (whether we say so or not), said some words too. And His words teach me that what I say I believe is worthless if His Spirit isn't given free reign in my life.

In other words, if I'm not intentionally loving, He may look me straight between the eyes and say, "I don't know you." That thought should send chills up our spines. It does mine. What does that even MEAN? I don't for a moment think it means we (or anyone else) is without hope. We are HIS. I trust myself and all I care about to His good care, judgement and all. But I do think it matters - oh, it matters! The very thought makes me wretch and drives me to my knees in prayer and surrender.

So if we're going to hold one another to inquisition, make it a real one. Words matter - yes. But it's too easy to simply say the right words.

Let's get real. He told us how we'd recognize each other. By seeing HIM in each other. By an inquisition ... of love.

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