Sunday, April 10, 2011

pondering answered prayers

I wish I had time to write all that has been swimming through my head this weekend. But I don't. So I'll share the bullet points and hopefully come back to build around them, soon.

One of my sons played THE Wizard of Oz in the school play before a packed crowd Friday night. He was 100% in his element and rightly proud of himself. It makes me happy to see him finding his niche.

My other son, our oldest who has Asperger's Syndrome, shared his testimony before our entire church body THREE TIMES today, and was baptized. I am still realizing all the prayers that have been answered through this.

Both sets of grandparents were there. As I listened to others share their stories, I realized how incredibly blessed we are, that both of our parents are 1) together, 2) healthy, 3) nearby, and 4) invested in our lives. Our parents are all these things and more.

I have so much to say about Luke's sharing of the gospel today, hopefully I will get the chance to write more later this week. For now though you can watch/listen here if you haven't already on the other blog. ;)

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Christy Fritz said...

was lovely to witness such a special event. what he said was beautiful. and BTW, gungor is the group i was telling you about at summit coffehouse the night of the "flood". :):) beautiful things is the song my sister sent me. love that one.