Monday, April 4, 2011

pondering parenting

you know those sad people who audition for American Idol in the first round, who are fodder for TV because they are SO horrible and they don't know it? I don't watch anymore, it's too awful. I always ask, doesn't someone love that poor soul enough to tell them they can't sing??

I'm convinced parenting a child who never-ever-ever-stops-talking is much the same. to act like every word out of their mouth is jaw droppingly interesting would be a lie. to act like we're sitting on the edge of our seats with interest every second would be a form of abuse. it would be akin to saying, oh sweetie yes you can, you can sing better than any of them, you sing beautifully! when for some the honest answer is no ... no, you don't. in the same vein, honesty requires us to say, you can't talk ALL-THE-TIME. you just can't, love. it makes people wish you would go away. so let's have a conversation. a real conversation. and then, let's be quiet together. yes, you can. and you must. sit quietly now. nope. no more words. you've used all your words. I love you. now ... do not speak again. at. all.

this, I'm convinced, is loving.

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