Friday, August 19, 2011

pondering nakedness with Patrick Lencioni

Patrick Lencioni filled in for Howard Schultz, who opted not to speak at the Summit.  While I find that entire situation unfortunate, I was personally grateful to hear what Patrick had to say about "Getting Naked".  Which is just a provocative way to talk about vulnerability - another topic I was pleasantly surprised to see focused on at a summit about leadership.

He talked about how vulnerability is counter-cultural, life tells us to avoid pain at all costs.  But that vulnerability is especially powerful trait rarely found in leaders today.

He said we don't make ourselves vulnerable because we fear rejection (vulnerability is not always rewarded), we fear embarrassment (we can beat this by celebrating our mistakes, besides they can already see you sweat), and we fear feeling inferior (Jesus washed feet - get over it).

I don't have very many notes from his talk, but the theme impacted me greatly.  Because, in church leadership, the message is often the opposite - if not in word at least in practice.  Don't be vulnerable.  The sheep can't take it.  The elders won't like it. Be careful, for their sake and for your own.  Keep things private.  Lie if you have to.  But don't be vulnerable.

I reject that.  I wholeheartedly reject it.  And I am sad for my friends who still feel they have to live according to that paradigm.  May we create a future church that celebrates vulnerability, not in words only but in actuality.  For without it, how on earth can we expect to encounter grace?

It's seriously time churches got naked together. :)

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