Friday, August 19, 2011

pondering humility with John Dickson

The speaker for whom I took the most notes (by far!) was John Dickson. As soon as he began I could tell he was completely brilliant, but he's also disarming and quite funny.  A delightful combination.  I could have listened to him for hours.

His session was on humility.  I was frankly impressed to see the summit devote an entire session to humility.  I would not have expected that.  But then again, we've already covered how foolish most of my presuppositions were.

First, some opening considerations...

"The noble choice is to forego your status and use your influence for the good of others."
"Humility is to hold your power in service to others."

"Humility is a reflection of the deep structure of reality."

Then some answers to the "why humility in leadership?" question:

1. Humility is common sense.
None of us is expert at everything. A true expert should nkow this better than anyone because they know how much there is to know.
Alternative?  Competency extrapolation. 
We we don't know and can't do far exceeds what we do know and can do.That's reality.

2. Humility is beautiful.
Story of Sir Edmund Hillary
Presumption diminishes greatness - humility enhances it.
Humility was not valued in history until JESUS - research proves this.
History redefined greatness to fit a cross in, the lowest of the low.
Phil. 2:3-8 - inversion of high and low
Our culture is now cruciform, shaped by a cross - since Jesus, humility is valued as beautiful.

3. Humility is generative.
The proud go away with less than the humble looking to learn.
Scientific theory - great example of humility
The humble place is the place of growth.

4. Humility is persuasive.
Aristotle: Logos, Pathos, Ethos - character of the persuader is most significant
"character is almost solely the controlling factor in persuasion"
***The most believable, persuasive person in the world is the person you know has your best interest at heart.***

5. Humility is inspiring.
When our great leaders are approachable, we get the idea that we could be like them because they are just like us.
We aspire rather than just admire.
U2 story

**The center of everything is a cross.  The cruciform life is a life in touch with reality.**

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