Saturday, July 23, 2011

pondering peacefulness

Peace (for me) is sitting in a creek, surrounded by shade-trees, not making a sound, listening to the water, thanking the Maker, stacking rocks, and not thinking about anything. Today I taught my kids how to do this. They've always loved Montreat, but today - after literally hours of creekwalking/rock-hopping - I called them to be still. To "learn of me", if you will. And once they started, they didn't want to stop either.

Now the question: who has a place in Montreat we can house-sit for the rest of the summer? I so want to move... at least till fall.

Ah, thankful for sweet peace. And for a husband who loves these adventures, values this time, as much or more than I do.

A good day.

1 comment:

Linda said...

What a wonderful mother you are! I want to creek hop and stack rocks too! My problem would be leaving them there :).