Wednesday, July 27, 2011

pondering peace and happy feet

A few posts back I said that I'd been pondering the difference between keeping the peace and being a peacemaker. Jesus said blessed are the peacemakers... but He did anything BUT "keep the peace". What do we do with that? How is that made tangible, practical in our own lives? When is it worth it to be divisive?

I don't have answers to this question, I'm still sitting in it myself. But I see flickers of Light all around me. I first of all see Jesus, who continually challenged the status quo in order to literally MAKE peace - reconciling the world to God. I see all the people we call heroes who practiced nonviolent protest in order to MAKE peace for those who were under the boot of oppression. And I see people who are brave enough to show the world their true selves, even though critics whisper, "Not here! Not now! Shh!"

And last night saw it during our family movie night: Happy Feet. I'd never seen Happy Feet (I know, where have I been?) I can only say that the timing was perfect. It moved me (and by that I don't just mean it got my flabby butt off the couch to dance, which it did!) Mumble was pushed by the elders to keep the peace, to not upset things, to change himself or at the very least keep-himself-to-himself, for the greater good.

But that didn't bring greater good - not for him, not for anyone.

In the end he was a peace-MAKER... simply by being himself. That required a lot of heart and courage. But never once was he selfish. Never once was it, "I'll show you - I can do and say and be whatever the hell I want, so there!" No. He loved his family and his flock (flock, right? are penguins a flock? LOL)

I have so much more to say about this but my kids need breakfast. So for now, I leave you with this... :) Enjoy, and I'd love to hear your thoughts on the difference between making peace and keeping the peace.

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