Monday, March 28, 2011

Richard Beck tells my theological life story in three acts

Okay, the places and dates are different - and he's, well ... he's him and I'm ... well, I'm me - but deep down in there where the nitty gritty meat stuff happens, he's told my story, too.

read his version here, insert my details (below)

Act 1 - growing up independent fundamental KJV baptist, graduating from Jerry Falwell's Lynchburg Christian Academy, a star student

Act 2 - joining Lynchburg's "weirdo Calvinist church", finding much theological meat there, but never being able to swallow that L, never could find it in scripture... in fact, found just the opposite pretty much everywhere I looked

Act 3 - figuring out that another word for a 4 point Calvinist who believes God loves ALL His children is Universalist, which is (apparently) a very, VERY bad word

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