Thursday, March 24, 2011

pondering grace - maybe it's like that

So we try to be careful to parent in such a way that teaches the kids to live out their God-given freedom. We have erred in the past, focusing on "control", but in reality we do not live as creatures under control. We live as children created for freedom and invited to follow our Loving Father because we trust Him. He will never take over and control us. We try to be intentional about teaching/living that reality out now while they are under our care, where they are safe to make mistakes and experience the consequences of them.

And yet... yet :) there must be balance in all things. If there's ever to be a list of my favorite words, balance shall be somewhere on it.

Because something else we try to be intentional about is grace.
Grace before.
Grace after.
Grace above.
Grace below.
Grace from us.
Grace to us.
Grace in us.
Grace through us.

And grace isn't karma. Grace isn't, "you reap what you sow". Even though... you do. Even though that is reality.

Grace is like another reality, within reality.

I pondered all this as I decided whether or not to rescue my daughter from her most recent set of circumstances. Circumstances she created of her own choice. Circumstances that (thankfully) because she is 8 years old, are not at all dangerous - just painful. I don't want to raise her with the idea that someone else is going to fix things. I want to train and teach her well, how to live as a free person. But I also long to show her grace. And to have her experience grace from God, through me.

As I rode my bicycle this morning, a thought occurred to me. Maybe it's like this.

Maybe when life says "you made your bed, now sleep in it", Grace says, "skooch over, make room" and crawls right up in there with you.

Maybe it's like that.

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