Thursday, March 24, 2011

a day

sleep at 11:30.

at God-only-knows-what-hour, child 4 of 4 wakes, scared from the storm.

back to sleep.

alarm at 4:30.

up at 4:50.


5:30 - drop off Eric and child 2-of-4 for overnight field trip to Charleston.


wake, feed, dress other 3.

7:00 - drop them off for school.

child 3-of-4 literally has to be pushed out the car screaming from an anxiety attack about shoes.

7:20 - bike ride to school to bring 3-of-4 something that might help ease her pain.

7:40 - home.

decide at last minute to shift gears with upcoming 9:30 Oasis lesson.

meanwhile an hour and a half literally disappears before my eyes.

9:10 - school calls.

child 1 of 4 is sick (allergies).

9:20 - pick up 1 of 4 who is now my companion at Oasis.

9:40 - teach/lead as he mumbles in background to himself. never find the groove.

feel like I totally blunder the "lesson". and the song I was excited about playing fell flat. and I stuck my foot in my mouth about people's ages. and I look messy with a pencil in my hair.

11:15- leave the church after Oasis.

forget I'd made a lunch date with a friend.

11:40 - receive text saying "guess we're not meeting for lunch?" while standing at a scanner in the toy section of Target explaining to child 1 of 4 that it will take a lot of time and jobs to earn $49.99

12:00 - tell myself to be nice to myself as I walk the aisles at Harris Teeter.

12:30 - home.

want nap.

pick up from school is coming too soon for that.

so I write my thoughts in a blog post.


love the sun and warmth on my skin.

love the sounds of the birds and the frogs.

love the "pink snow" when the wind blows.

but the foggy brain does suck.


and yet...I remind myself:

my oasis friends love me even when I'm all over the place.

and the friend I stood up forgives me.

and child 1 of 4 is sweet company even while sick with allergies.

he accepted that $50 is way too much for even the coolest of Lego's.

and the creamer was on sale at Harris Teeter.

and Jason's Deli is going to cook dinner for us later this afternoon.

and I have kind ladies coming over tonight, who won't care if the floor doesn't get mopped.

sucky day or blessed day?

how about both?

yeah, I'm going with both.


Christy Fritz said...

yay! a new blog. :) look forward to following.

Kim said...

Great blog Michelle! Just found it! (I'm a little slow these days) Bookmarking it so I'll know what you are pondering! :)