Sunday, April 8, 2012

pondering spirit songs

My spirit responds to music. It's the language of my soul. I know some who respond to art, nature, beauty - all those things move me, as well.  But not like music. I need music like I need air.  And so God is good to speak to me through it.

For a long time now, not just lent - longer than that - this song has been in my heart, been my prayer.  When I've done all my wrestling, "I don't wanna lose You in the end".

Then today, I heard this (below) play on Pandora while doing laundry - after a DIVINE Sunday afternoon nap, by the way - and I realized, while listening... this is where I am now.  I mean, life ebbs and flows, but I'm in a new place.   This song rings more true for me now.

And I'm thankful.

This morning - Easter, yes, Easter! - but 100 little tiny things about it that would bore you for me to share, have capped some things for me.  Settled some things.  Big things.  And it feels good.

At least ... for today.  ;)

But I'll take that.  Because someone I Love taught me that tomorrow will worry about itself.  Today, I sing this:

I'm falling even more in love with You
Letting go of all I've held onto
I'm standing here until You make me new
I'm hanging by a moment here with You 

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