Thursday, April 12, 2012

pondering being heard and saying ... you're welcome

As a writer who doesn't share research or "how to" information or recipes ... but one who basically sits at the keyboard and "bleeds" (isn't that what Buechner called it?) I am breathing a sigh of relief today.  Because the only thing more risky than sharing your own personal thoughts and experiences, is sharing someone else's.  So, even though Landon had put his words "out there" for the world to read, as all bloggers do, there was still a sense of having invaded someone's privacy when I pointed back to him, as I did in yesterday's post.

So you  might be interested to know that Landon has written a lovely, brief follow up, here.  Which has left me humbled, honestly, but also grateful because not only did I "hear" him, he "heard" me - he understood my intention perfectly.

It was a risky thing to write.  It was a risky thing to share. But I have a new "ally", and he gives me much to ponder.

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