Sunday, April 22, 2012

pondering Emaleigh

This is our son holding Emaleigh, our 2 year old niece.  You can read about her journey from premature birth to a Cloves Syndrome diagnosis to Wilms tumors here.  She is the bravest little (or big, for that matter) girl I know.  And we love her dearly.

Her parents have long raised money for Cloves Syndrome here.  Those funds go to research and awareness of this rare condition.

But now you can donate directly toward their own needs, HERE.  Emaleigh has received two rounds of chemo, and next week will have one of her kidneys removed.  This has meant multiple trips back and forth from Lynchburg, Va to Cincinnati Children's Hospital.  Even for the weekly doses of chemo, they've had to drive over an hour to UVA.  There haven't been any breaks ... none.

If you give any amount, please email me at teachermommy73 at gmail dot com and let me know.  Not how much, just that you did.  I'll HAPPILY mail you one of her bracelets or keychains!

And... thank you.

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