Thursday, January 5, 2012

pondering hope

There is so much sadness and hurt in this world.  So much that it chokes me sometimes. I literally feel that I cannot breathe.

While we have very little in the way of details, we know that Mary's birthmother lived a sad, desperate life.  We have now learned that she has also died a sad death. The news hit me like a truck. Mary has no clue, but this morning we shared extra long, extra tight cuddles.

I've been listening to this song with tears streaming down my face.  This is not the end.  That woman - who didn't ask to be born into those circumstances ... who didn't ask to be born AT ALL - is a child of God, dearly loved, and in some mysterious way that I don't dare pretend to understand, I believe she knows that now, whether she ever did or never did.  

He is for us in our weakness, struggles, and efforts when we seek to serve God, but against us in our pride, self sufficiency, and attempts to place our concerns at the center of our life. But even when Christ is against us, it is because He is committed to changing us.

I'm so thankful to understand this now.  I'm so thankful for hope. And I look forward to the day when we shall all be changed.

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