Monday, May 9, 2011

more on Jesus' prayer from Greg Boyd

What do you know? I wasn't the only one pondering Jesus' prayer this past week. Greg Boyd hits the proverbial nail on the head, if you ask me. My favorite point from him,

there’s absolutely nothing fluffy, post-modern or sentimental about placing love above doctrinal correctness, for this conviction permeates the NT! Truth be told, we shouldn’t even contrast “love” and “doctrinal correctness” in the first place. We should rather regard the command to love as the most foundational doctrine of the church and thus the most important doctrine to be correct on!
And personally, anyone who thinks to live Love is fluffy and easy and for spiritual babies should try it. It's frickin HARD. Keeps us on our knees in confession and prayer. For to not say the ugly thing is easy. To not think it or desire to say it? That'll have our faces to the floor submitting to the Spirit again and again and...

But perhaps William Shakespeare said it best,

"It is a heretic which makes the fire,
not she which burns in it."

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