Monday, February 27, 2012

pondering slippery slopes with women who have been there

Anna Woofden writes, "If you open yourself up to revelation being alive and moving, letting it be more than a moral code or a patriarchal history lesson, then you slide.  You slide and find that you’re surrounded by revelation." More here, at The Slippery Slope

Rachel Held Evans writes, "I was pretending that things that didn’t make sense made sense, that things that didn’t feel right felt right.  To others, I appeared confident and in control, but faith felt as far away as a friend who has grown distant and cold. Now, every day is a risk."  More here, atThey Were Right (And Wrong) About the Slippery Slope

And Reverand Dr. Nancy Kraft writes, "Come to think of it, is there anyone who ever did anything worthwhile in the history of the world who didn’t spend a lot of time navigating what many considered to be a slippery slope?" at

Warning: slippery slope ahead!

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