Tuesday, February 28, 2012

pondering broken mirrors and amendment one

Son: Hey, mom, do you think they'll ever let us have mirrors in the boys' bathrooms? I mean, it's really getting old, not having them...we have to find alternatives like windows and stuff...

Mom: Well you know son, it's not natural for a boy to want to look in a mirror, so there's a school rule that says "No mirrors in boys' bathrooms"

Son: Yeah, but mom that doesn't even make any sense. I mean, if there were just mirrors in there, those of us who wanted to check out how we look would use them - and the rest would just walk right by like always. How would it hurt anyone to have them in there?

Mom: You know, a lot of the mirrors in the girls' bathrooms have been breaking-

Son:  Hey, that's not our fault - we don't even go in there!

Mom:  -so the student council has actually written a proposal to ban mirrors in boys' bathrooms permanently, to amend the student handbook so this issue is settled once and for all.

Son:  What???

Mom:  And to also ban all students from using windows , or other alternative ways of checking their appearance.

Son:  That makes NO SENSE!  Just because they keep breaking their mirrors, we can't have any?  That's crazy!

Mom:  Well, they were worried people would say that, so to make it right and fair, they decided to put the measure to a school-wide vote.

Son:  A vote?

Mom:  Of course. What could be more fair?

Son:  But mom, there are more girls than boys in our school.  WAY more.  How is that fair?

Mom:  Who can argue with democracy?  Let the students vote, right!

Son:  No!  No, NOT right.  That's crazy.  They're all in a tizzy cause their mirrors keep breaking, so they are going to take that out on us.  Now we'll never get mirrors in our own bathrooms.  And whether or not we have mirrors in our bathrooms has nothing - NOTHING to do with them!

Mom:  hmmm.... so what are you going to do?

Son:  We're really voting on this crazy thing?

Mom:  Yes.

Son:  And if it passes, we really won't ever get mirrors - we won't even be able to use alternative "mirrors", not ever?

Mom:  It's true.... what are you going to do?

Son:  Well.... I guess the only thing TO do, is convince enough of the girls to vote on our behalf.

Mom:  Hmm...

Son:  I mean, surely there have to be some girls out there - a lot of girls - who think this is crazy, too, right?

Mom:  Maybe so.

Son:  Yeah.  Surely there are some smart girls in this school... some compassionate girls.  I'm sure there are...


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