Tuesday, June 21, 2011

imperfectly and imcompletely pondering sheep and eagles

It's summer, which means no solitude for me. I'm loving having more time with the kids - we only get one shot at this summer together so we are determined to make the most of it, but the writing takes a big hit. That would be okay, but the problem is the ponderings don't stop - the brain doesn't go on pause or even slow down - and without the "therapy" of writing, I get a little ... I don't know... crazy? Maybe! Feels like it sometimes. Like a damned up river.

I've had several write-worthy ponderings in the past few weeks but no chance to focus well enough to frame them into words. That frustrates me after a while, like I'm finding gems at the bottom of a stream but they are slipping through my fingers. So for today, I'll peck out & publish something that's not only imperfect, but incomplete.

Sheep. For months now I've been hearing references to them. General idea is that people are sheep and leaders/pastors are shepherds. And I get that that's Biblical, I do... but I wonder... are people led by the Holy Spirit supposed to be treated like sheep indefinitely? The sheep analogy leads people to say things like, "If you're a leader and you walk to the edge and peer over you better warn the sheep not to follow, because you'll step back away from the ledge but they'll just keep walking and fall right over." Meaning? Be a wise responsible shepherd. Be cautious and careful how you lead.

But here's what a mind like mine does. A statement like that makes me want to slowly raise my hand, crinkle my brow, clear my throat, and ask, "What's at the bottom of the cliff?" Then my mind goes to another Biblical analogy: eagles. Sure, we're sheep sometimes (or for a time? I don't know) but what if we're meant for more? What if we're made to fly? Sheep fear ledges but eagles don't. Eagles are supposed to SOAR.

So what does all that mean?

I don't know.

(and with that, I've been interrupted too many times to continue... alas, summer! ... maybe that gem will resurface and give me another look at it, I feel it has so much more to say ... I'll have to trust that to the Giver of all good gifts)

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