Tuesday, June 19, 2012

pondering memories

I grow weary of people bemoaning technology. Longing for the old days.  Here's the thing - everything is what you make of it.  Everything.

Photo albums can be wonderful, or photos can sit in a box and never be looked at.  It's what you've made of them that matters.

I wasn't much of a scrap-booker, myself, but my oldest were born in the BOOM of all things scrapbook, so I felt like I didn't have a choice.  By the time our third came around I'd pretty much thrown in the towel on the whole thing, so she was five before she had a baby book!  Thankfully Mary's was easier - by then technology had caught up to my way of doing things.  We had her adoption blog printed into book form.  Voila - done!

But this, I can do - videos set to music.  I love making them - the kids love watching them.  And oh do they watch them!  Again and again... which is, of course, the point.  Sure, I love it when others (you!) enjoy what I've put together, but I'm fully aware that I'm no expert.  These aren't of a quality to impress; they're made for the kids.

I decided to link them all (or as many of them as I can recollect at the moment) in one place, here.  Enjoy.  Or don't.  But do make some memories of your own, and capture them in a way that makes you happy and that your family will enjoy for years to come!




2006 (the year we brought teenager Megan along!)



2008 - Mary's adoption video!



January 2011 - Disney!

Spring Break 2011 - Road Trip/Tour of the Southeast

2012 - Back to HHI

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Barbara's Morning Prayer said...

I have a prayer blog and while looking for a poem on prayer by Mary Oliver, I found your blog. I thought you might like looking at mine and if you like it, please add a link to your blog.

I didn't end up finding the prayer I wanted, I think it must be by someone else, but did enjoy finding you.