Friday, May 18, 2012

pondering my ponderings

A quick glimpse into how I tick...

This morning Charlotte Talks played a re-air of an interview with Tommy Tomlinson.  During it, he said something to the effect of "a writer goes through every part her day as if she's going to write about it".  I chuckled at how true that is.

Today, while cleaning out the car I was walking through (in my head) the entire Bible, trying to find a passage where we find evidence that compassion was ever a bad thing.  I didn't arrive at any firm conclusions (at least not yet).

While vacuuming I thought about whether or not people who say they will "go to their grave" thinking a certain way have the slightest idea what they sound like... or what that even means.  I thought about how I can't know whether I'm right or I'm wrong but I pray to God I never turn into a pillar of salt.

While wiping out the microwave I was thinking about autism, and about how I wish research went into studying the brains of people who actually have it - figuring out how they're wired - and tapping into that, rather than trying to prevent it.

I thought about how I got to meet Temple Grandin at an Autism Conference last year.  I thought about the young man (with autism) who was selling his cartoons there.  I thought about how his mother wanted Temple to be impressed, and about how - instead - Temple said flatly, "These are great. Now get him the heck out of here. He shouldn't be traveling to Autism Conferences. He should be out selling his craft to the real world!  (she addressed the crowd then)  Hear me?  Get these kids out of this autism awareness bubble and out into the world!"

I thought about that a lot.

I don't have time to write about everything I ponder. I don't even have time to write what I'm writing right now! Writing this is making me late to pick up my daughters.

I hope I can prioritize my life well.  That I can make an impact.  That my ponderings aren't lost on the dustbunnies.

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Megandy said...

you DO make a difference. at least, from my point of view. your blogs are amazing, and im so grateful that you share your ponderings!