Monday, December 19, 2011

pondering our anniversary and advent's fourth candle

To my daughter this morning, "Guess what we did last night!"


"Well, we went out to a restaurant for dinner, then Daddy said we had to stop by a friend's house and pick something up. When we got there a bunch of our very favorite friends were there!  It was a surprise party!  Daddy had planned the whole thing!"

She crinkled her nose a bit.  "A surprise party for your anniversary? Isn't that kinda weird? Aren't you supposed to get a present?"

"But Daddy knew this would make me the most happy, happier than any present, so that's what he did."

She smiled, "Oh! So he DID give you a present!"


It's true.  Last night was wonderful. Mostly because my husband knows me. He gets me. He values me and what I value.  Priceless.

Yesterday was the fourth Sunday of advent. If we'd gathered round our wreath last night, we'd have lit the Love candle.

At some point during the evening, it hit me - we did light the Love candle last night.  We SO did.

Love shall be our token;
love be yours and love be mine,
Love to God and to all men,
love for plea and gift and sign.

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