Monday, October 31, 2011

the bird again

Yesterday I was telling friends this story.  I was a bit embarrassed telling it, but of course they didn't make me feel that way. They know me.

I'd been disturbed at times over the weekend.  Caused to question.  I was trying to get back to center.  Recalling the hymn "God is Love" and the bird looking right at me, singing out with no abandon helped me do that.  But I was still feeling waffle-y.  And I didn't like it.

That's when my friend pulled out a tiny silver bird charm.
"Oh, well then this must be for you" she offered after hearing the tale, and placed it in my hand.  "What?"
"I just found this in the parking lot.  I felt compelled to pick it up though I had no idea how I'd figure out who it belongs to.  Now I know - it belongs to you."

Some people don't need stuff like this.  I know that.  And they are especially blessed.  Me?  I guess I'm like Thomas. I need them.  He is so very good to give them to me, when I least expect it.  When I need it most.
Hear it in the laughing wind
That whispers through a tree,
Listen to its echo
In a robin rhapsody;
Glorious word, all nature's ringing,
Have you heard the song they're singing?
God is love! O praise Him, God is love.

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