Wednesday, September 21, 2011

pondering neighbor love

How do I want to be loved by my neighbors?

Do to others as you would have them do unto you, Jesus said ...

how would I have you do unto me?

Desire me, not a version of me.
Desire truth, vulnerability, and authenticity.
Value that over any way you may benefit from me being false.
Rejoice when I rejoice.
Mourn when I mourn.
Look me in the eye.
Embrace me and mean it.
Stay connected to me even when we disagree.
Show me I matter more than agreement.
Prove to me that whether I ever come over to your "side", our connection is forever. 
Want the best for me.
Be open to that best not looking like you thought it would.
Say so, when I come to mind.
Say so, when the thought of me makes you smile.
Say, "I love you" and mean it.

Shine your light for me.
Show your true self.
Share your life with me.  
Share your challenges and your victories.
Let your story point me to our Good God who Loves us both.
Serve me, with no thought of return.
Stop everything to help me when I need it.
Don't wait for me to ask if you know I do need it.
Be inconvenienced.
Accept my help when I offer it to you.
Thank me even if it wasn't all that helpful.
Appreciate my heart's attempt.

Believe my intentions are good even when you don't understand my action.
Give me grace when I forget to love you well or how to.
Forgive me before I ask you to.
Slap me across the face if I'm hysterical.
Pin me to the ground if I try to run away.
Cuss me out if I'm rebellious and arrogant.
Then forgive me.
And never bring those things up again.
Especially not to others.
Keep my secrets. 
Speak well of me to others or do not speak of me at all.
Speak hard words to me when I need to hear them, but to me only.
Never.  Ever.  Lie to me.
Don't side with those whose approval you desire, but who cut me down.
Don't stand silent when I am falsely accused.
Don't let others speak for you when my character is called into question.
Don’t idly allow others to use my weaknesses as weapons.
Don't act in a way that benefits you but harms me.

Love my husband.
Love my children.
Love who I love.
But don’t ask me to hate who you hate.

Pray for me.
Let me know you're praying for me.
Spur me on toward good works.
Help me figure out what those even are.
Point me to God.
Expect God to speak to me in a unique way through the Spirit and through His Word.
Teach me to listen, to surrender, to obey what I'm shown there.
Remind me of Light when I see only darkness.
Remind me of Peace when my soul is downcast.
Remind me of Truth when I'm assaulted with lies.
Trust that the Holy Spirit is guiding me.
Encourage me to walk in that Spirit.
Challenge me to a life of surrender.
Gently pry open my clenched fists, teach me the way of open hands & an open heart.
Don't expect the wisdom I need to be shown to you,
but ask for it to be shown to me and trust it, when it is.
Lift up to our God anything and everything you do not understand
but don't keep those things between us.
Don't try to be my justifier
Or my condoner
Or my conscience
Or my convict-er.
Point me to the One who IS all those things.

Motivate me.
Inspire me.
Make me uncomfortable where I am
but content with what I have.
Breathe fresh life into me.
Don't suck the air out of me.
With me.

That is the neighbor love I'm talking about.  This is how I desire to be loved.  This is what I would have done unto me.

How about you?

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